Dental medicine, prothesis and tool

Missing teeth causes limitations and emotional discomfort that affects the quality of our everyday lives. That’s why our Naples dentist office offers custom-made dentures as a removable option for replacing missing teeth resulting from gum disease or oral injuries. Our Naples dental office offers several different types of dentures, including complete, partial, immediate and overdentures, to suit our patients needs.

Our expert dentist, Dr. Acosta, gives meticulous attention to detail to create a well-molded fit for every denture patient to ensure optimal comfort and aesthetics. Unlike dental crowns and bridges, dentures will likely require adjustments over time as your gums and bone shrinks with age.

Should a patient feel their dentures or loose or ill-fitted, he or she should set an immediate appointment to make professional adjustments in order to avoid health problems. If you have questions regarding dentures or denture adjustments, you can call our Collier county office at 239-260-7749 to ask questions or set up a consultation.