Oral Exam/Routine Check-ups

Here at Pine Ridge Dental Wellness in Naples, we encourage our patients to take preventative measures to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. Dental checkups help reduce the risk of disease, cancer, decay, and other dental health concerns.

As time goes by, teeth wear out. Cracks develop and old dental work may need maintenance. More importantly, you may have developed new problems you didn’t even know were there, which is why we encourage our patients to schedule an appointment at least every six months. Moreso, if you fall into a high risk group such as smokers, diabetics, patients with gum disease, and those with a history of cavities.

Dr. Acosta performs a thorough inspection of your gums and every individual tooth as he assesses their health and whether there are signs of any problems present or developing. Checkups and teeth cleanings are part of preventative dentistry which promotes oral wellness and helps prevent disease and other health risks before they occur.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your checkup, then schedule an appointment with us today! You can reach our friendly staff at our Naples, FL dentist office by calling 239-260-7749.